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Course overview

1. Overview
Intro to Muralism – Public Art
Timeline of the course, what to expect
Skeleton of a project start to finish
Funding/How projects can be paid for
Project management (Gantt chart/other tools for project management/keeping on schedule)

2. Working with the public (and getting their support)
Artistic responsibility – being part of a team
Community engagement methodologies.
The law, the council, bureaucracy, permissions
The Politics of ownership – copyright and copyleft
Authorship in participatory processes
Public funding, pitching, gathering support
Who is the audience? Who is the participant?

3. Creating Through Consensus (participatory process)
The Politics of Public Art: A balancing act
Ideas/themes for community engagement
Can Art be truly democratic?
Designing by committee
Tilting the balance

4. Turning ideas into Artwork
Design development – dynamic playful processes
Using Photoshop – crash course
Collage – paper photoshop.
Balancing time available with amount of detail

5. Urban Cultural Development
The Build Environment – potential for change
Logic of a Space – situations and changing perceptions

6. Making it happen
Equipment and material provision (how to plan/estimate quantities)
Health + Safety (incl. safeguarding)
Who you need on your side

7. Actual Painting a Mural – on site skills
Scaling up the work, bringing the design and wall together
Building a the Scaffolding Tower
Defining Areas
Handling volunteers – pitching to their level of ability
Resting times and pushing forwards
Assessing and recognising when something is not working
When to leave it
Varnishing and Anti- graffiti.

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