Artmongering in Lebanon

Sitting in the Shade

In July, we went to Tripoli, in northern Lebanon, to work with Syrian Refugees, partnering this time with WAR CHILD Holland. 

We took musician/composer Isa Suarez, and photographer and filmmaker Hamza Salmi, all of us South Londoners.

We worked in a small, integrated community in Adwi, where we found a distinctive harmony between the hosting Lebanese community and the forty Syrian families that had settled in the foothills. 

The building we worked in, as a school, was primarily dedicated to children, but also with some activities for parents and adolescents.  We developed ideas together, be they participatory murals or soundtracks, conversational circles or a photographic portrait project.  We worked with children, adolescents and women in all our activities, to promote resilience, and enhance their sense of pride, ownership and wellbeing. 

We will publish a report soon, so for now here are some images, tracks and films of the work we carried out in those very intense two weeks.

Here are two soundtrack by Isa Suarez in collaboration with Syrian Women and two young rappers. Translated lyrics can be found in the descriptions of the Soundcloud page accessed in the top right corner

All the films bellow by Hamza Salmi

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