Landscape Window (S)trips

This is the last series we completed at Snowsfields Clinic for adolescents with mental disorders in Maudsley Hopital. It was a collaboration with Dulwich Picture Gallery. The idea is to allow kids who look out of the window into a pretty drab landscape, to be able to see periferal alternative scenes, mostly to do with …

Peace Rocks! Oh yes it does

Peace Rocks!

It’s been an extremely exciting week at the refugee camp where we are currently working. We got down to work very quickly. Catherine trained up a group of young people to use a very simple and visual evaluation form that she put together that may well end up being used for other psychosocial activity in …

Grow wall L10

The Growing-up Wall

In the last two weeks we have been working with a Primary School to develop an artwork that could encapsulate the hopes, fantasies and disappointments attached to the idea of growing up. I asked the children what do they think growing up is going to look like, what they hope to get and what advice …

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Supernova in Brockley (and in our blood)

As part of the Brockley Street Art Festival organised by Global Street Art and Brockley Max, Artmongers was commissioned to create a new mural by STEAM:ED Collective to bring Art and Science together and onto a quiet street of South East London. We worked with Astrophysicist Steve Fossey, from UCL, who recently discovered supernova SN 2014J in …

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Looking up in New Cross – Spring Edition

Remember the lightboxes we crowdfunded for last year? Today it feels like it has worked exactly as we intended. A large group of parents who meet every week to sing rounders at New Cross Learning, were led by local shoe maker Emily Botterman to make individual flowers for a new installation. The idea was to make it …

PPu mural final

Anti-War mural for the Peace Pledge Union

This mural was commissioned by the first pacifist organisation in the UK, the Peace Pledge Union. It features Kier Hardy, Unionist and Founder of the Labour Party, objecting at a rally in Trafalgar Square on the eve of WWI. He appears to be speaking directly to future generations of peace activists situated to the left of …


Participatory Light boxes for New Cross Learning Completed

One year ago, Artmongers run it’s first crowd funded project to create 2 large lightboxes on New Cross Learning’s ceiling. The idea was to create a space/platform for people to collaborate amongst themselves to make art installations that would enhance the space of the Library and give a sense of participation and a happening energy. …

feature el nido

Back to El Nido

  This post follows the development of a project in Argentina that we have been engaged with for two years. Its a Centre for Prematurely born children in a deprived area of San Isidro. We first renamed it, El Nido and then worked on the inside for the first year. In November 2014, we did …

Henry finished

Henry did the VIII?

A new piece of public art featuring Henry VIII’s belly and cod piece – a reframed version of Holbein’s painting of the ultimate Macho King.