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This post follows the development of a project in Argentina that we have been engaged with for two years. Its a Centre for Prematurely born children in a deprived area of San Isidro. We first renamed it, El Nido and then worked on the inside for the first year. In November 2014, we did the outside. Lots of volunteers helped us on our way. It was a real group effort.

The idea for this mural was to paint the shadows projected by trees, electric cables on other objects onto the wall, but reversed into luminous shapes. It locates ‘The nest’ in relation to the sun and acts as a kind of camouflage. The luminous shadows are a fixed element in a changing environment, just like a nest needs to be in a fixed place in the tree for life to happen.

Here’s a video of the making of the outdoor artwork (in Spanish)

And here’s a video of the inside done is 2012.

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