Boombox! changes everything

A few years ago a total stranger approached Artmongers, asking if we could develop a project together in Scotland. Laura Henry has since found the partners in the area, a site to transform and, after battling through some funding rejections, she eventually joined forces with Samara McIntyre, who, along with 10 year-old Caleb, campaigned for the project to receive U-Decide Funding, where the Local Council ask people where money for community well-being projects should go.

The canvas is a Electrical Substation in an area  of Aberdeen that is being regenerated. It’s an intergenerational project so we worked with primary school students from Kittybrewster School together with older adults from Clifton court. 

We looked for ideas that suited the box and we found that a Boom Box was something of a common ground between the generations.

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