Brockley Key 2.0

Brockley key 2.0

“There is a robokey nishedt inside the house!” said a kid to his Dad when he first worked out what was the giant key doing there.

In 2006 we made one of the first street artworks in Brockley, along with Known’s mural which was now disappeared. The interesting thing about having to restore an artwork which is 12 years old, is that we can play with a freshen it with a few new tricks we learned along the way, such as pushing the colour strengths on the print or running with the odd intuition of a theatrical upward shadow.

We had the print for a week before we had to put it up on the wall for the Brockley Street Art Festival, so given the opportunity, we took to the streets of Central London to improvise a one minute Chaplinesque film.

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