• Deptford Arena

    We got money from Lewisham Council to restore ‘The Deptford Marbles,’ but instead we created a new piece, ‘Deptford Arena,’ which was part of the Deptford X Festival. Located in a corner famous for drunken and unruly behaviour, the amphitheatre frames the wild often beastly behaviours that are now tradition. The foreground looks back at …

  • His’n’Hers – Restored

    His’n’Hers has gone through it’s third restoration in 15 years, thanks to the support from Anthology.

  • Hang Out

    We did a new piece for The Brockley Street Art Festival, part of Brockley Max 2016. Thanks to Lionel Stanhope and the rest of the team for it’s support.

  • Trompe l’oeil Mural Finished – May 2016

    Artmongers was comissioned by Music Room London to create a piece of work for the flank wall of the old New Cross Library building. The question is not so much what it is, but what is it doing. And what is it doing? It is addressing the architechture and creating an alternative illusionary space, that …