• Deptford Arena

    We got money from Lewisham Council to restore ‘The Deptford Marbles,’ but instead we created a new piece, ‘Deptford Arena,’ which was part of the Deptford X Festival. Located in a corner famous for drunken and unruly behaviour, the amphitheatre frames the wild often beastly behaviours that are now tradition. The foreground looks back at …

  • His’n’Hers – Restored

    His’n’Hers has gone through it’s third restoration in 15 years, thanks to the support from Anthology.

  • The Argentine Embassy – Event

    We were thrilled with the way the evening went at the Argentine Ambassador’s residence on Wednesdaynight. Thank you so much for taking the time to come along and be a part of our story. As we said on the night, collaboration is an important aspect of what we have done so far and what we …

  • Hang Out

    We did a new piece for The Brockley Street Art Festival, part of Brockley Max 2016. Thanks to Lionel Stanhope and the rest of the team for it’s support.