Project Coordinator – Lewisham School of Muralism by Artmongers

About Artmongers and LSoM

We are a mural-making non-profit based in Lewisham, working with community groups locally and abroad to create powerful and fun collaborative public artwork. The Lewisham School of Muralism was set up by Artmongers as our first educational programme. We are supported by Goldsmiths College, Greater London Authority, Lewisham Council and over 200 Lewisham residents who contributed to our Spacehive Crowdfunding Campaign.

Role description 

To support the team with the logistical and administrative duties of the Lewisham School of Muralism. 


Key responsibilities 

  • Liaising with stakeholders ( students, tutors, Artmongers) 
  • First point of contact for the project 
  • Managing any queries from Students, Students Support.
  • Supporting the evaluation process
  • Ensuring LSOM student materials are on track, up to date and provided 
  • Seeking opportunities for partnerships 
  • Fundraising

Please note this is not an exhaustive list and, as is the nature with small organisations, the chosen candidate might be asked to step in with other tasks.

Candidate requirement

    • As an art organisation, we believe in creative thinking and the ability to work collaboratively with us to maximise the potential of this role. The coordinator will work closely alongside artistic director Patricio Forrester and review the project needs on an ongoing basis.
    • The candidate will have to be based in Lewisham. Applications from people living in the surrounding boroughs will be accepted if they can demonstrate a commitment to Lewisham.
    • In addition to this:
      • The candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills, including:
        • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
        • Emotional intelligence and ability to listen
        • Creativity in problem solving
        • Decision making and initiative 
        • Able to “think on their feet” and adapt to changes or unexpected circumstances
      • They will also have great organisational skills, including:
        • Efficient time management
        • Ability to work within a timeline and meet deadlines
        • Strategic planning 
        • Able to participate in the overall vision and planning
        • Able to carry out evaluation reviews 


  • This is a temporary and part time position
  • Fee: £18.75/h for 144hours spread over 18months. More hours could be added if we are successful in further fundraising.
  • The coordinator will be required to attend the beginning of the session on Wednesdays 5:30 to 6:30pm at Goldsmiths College to monitor the development of the course and attend to any student queries. The remaining hours can be scheduled as flexible work that can be done remotely.

To apply:

Email by Friday 18 September 2020 6pm with:

  • A cover letter detailing why you are interested in this position and what could you offer to the Lewisham School of Muralism, including your skills and any relevant experience and how it can be applied for this role 
  • A relevant CV (2pages max)


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