Deptford Pearls

The His ‘n’ Hers landmark mural in Giffin Square, Deptford has been restored 10 years after it was originally painted. This time, it includes printed pearls to balance out the tie and uses oil based paint to reflect the light as you walk by.

It has been funded by Mayor of London Fund and Lewisham Council.

The tie and pearl necklace was first painted in 2002, during a single summer day, by Artmongers founder Patricio Forrester and Julian Sharples, with support from Neville at Johnny’s DIY, Reuben Turnhill from Deptford X and permission from Gary Melody.

The leaning chimneys were added a few years later when the advertising hoarding occupying part of the wall came down. It was restored twice, in 2006 and 2013.

Unlike many of London’s murals which have a strong narrative element Patricio took an interventionist approach taking the physical circumstances of the site as the starting point, and aiming not so much to create a statement as an imaginative atmosphere.

His initial idea involved hanging physical objects by chains around the chimneys but when this proved impractical he hit upon the idea of painting the necklaces and tie; an ironic take on an area traditionally viewed as deprived.


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