El Pasaje de las Alfombras


This mural is the result of an intense creative participatory process designed to combat prejudices and taboos around mental health, bridging the gap between the oldest mental health institution in Spain, Parc Sanitari in San Boi, Catalunya, and the town itself. The mural was funded by Erasmus Plus, a European Union Exchange Program and it included 40 young people from Sweden, Holland, Spain and the UK. Artmongers was tasked to coordinate the UK delegation and the Artistic Direction of the Mural.

The interaction with patients was an important aspect of the process, and local people were also encouraged to participate through drawing on mats left over in Coffee Shops and other places.

We came up with the idea of painting carpets as a metaphor to talk about the taboos around mental health and also to create a more fluent exchange between the inside and outside of the institution. The images of ‘not hiding things under the carpet’ and ‘airing the carpet’ were evoked throughout the mural to reference the moment in which there is a need of a change in attitude in society. Here is a short film by CNN

In first instance, the carpets are rolled up, seemingly introspective, next to each other but not necessarily relating to one another. Then we see the open carpets displayed in what seems a more interactive, social situation. Finally, we see the carpets going over the wall, like hanging on both sides. This points to the overcoming of an obstacle (the wall itself) while at the same time giving the viewer the feeling that they are seeing only one side of the image or that it is incomplete and to see the whole picture they will have to venture in to the institution.

Project Organizer: Nien Boots

Creative Process Team: Daniel Fernandez, Giacomo Cardoni, Nien Boots.

Artistic Direction: Patricio Forrester Artmongers

Films by: Loli Mendy.

Organizers in St Boi de Llovregat: Yolanda Molina, Juanjo Boya (CCCA)

Txelo Vidal, Eduardo Ruiz.

Group Dynamics: Stichting YES!: Melanie Canal Morath, Mariska van Andel

Swedish Coordinator: Kungsbacka Skatehall, Susanne Lofgren & Pia Vildin

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