Peace Rocks!

Peace Rocks! Oh yes it does
It’s been an extremely exciting week at the refugee camp where we are currently working.
We got down to work very quickly. Catherine trained up a group of young people to use
a very simple and visual evaluation form that she put together that may well end up being used for other psychosocial activity in this camp and elsewhere.
And Patricio got down to the paint shop to buy supplies and start making PEACE Rocks! – a kind of rock&colour fondue process for the children to engage in a joyful activity and
turn what is traditionally seen as a weapon into a precious stone. So joyful in fact that the adults couldn’t help joining in too, and everybody was drawn to the beauty of these transformed simple objects and have one in their home.

We have also started to create a public square with a sense of identity and community ownership using a very simple diamond shape design that brightens up the space as well as making it feel lighter and a bit more positive. We hope it will be the first of many.

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