Our bid to create the LEWiSHAM SCHOOL OF MURALISM is now 96% crowdfunded (58.9K)
Deadline: 25th of May. Pledge here: https://bit.ly/3aws1IS

After nearly 20 years painting murals in Lewisham, we are keen to pass on our skills to the younger generation. The Lewisham School of Muralism will teach participants the process of creating murals based on our experience. From identifying spaces to designing, painting, evaluating and maintaining the work. Our emphasis will be on collaboration, co-creation and participation, engaging with the community. We have teamed up with Goldsmiths to run 3 courses of 10 weeks each, over a period of 18 months, to bring more colour to the streets of Lewisham. Each course will have 12 students and each group will produce 2 murals as part of their professional development, increasing their skills and contributing to the local community. To do this we’ll assemble a Mural Mobile (a trusty van) with all the equipment necessary to prepare, paint and maintain the murals to the highest standard. This will include items such as a scaffold tower, a hot water pressure gun for graffiti removal etc. So far we are generously supported by Goldsmiths College, Lewisham Council, Network Rail and Lewisham Homes!



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