HURRAH! We have reached the target to create the First School of Muralism in the UK. With over 300 pledges from our Local Community and large pledges from Goldsmiths as well as GLA and Lewisham Council, we crowdfunded £62.275 to create a FREE School for Young People.

After nearly 20 years painting murals in Lewisham, we will be passsing on our skills to the younger generation. The Lewisham School of Muralism will be an independent course run at Goldsmiths, and will teach participants the process of creating murals based on our experience. From identifying spaces to designing, painting, evaluating and maintaining the work. Our emphasis will be on collaboration, co-creation and participation, engaging with the community. We will run three courses of four months each. The first two will start in October 2020 and January 2021. Each course will have 12 students and each group will produce 2 murals as part of their professional development, increasing their skills and contributing to the local community.

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Evening Standard

Here a few of our favourite films we did during the campaign

And these last two films were done to kickstart the campaign on Spacehive



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