Lo que vale un Peine

Since last April, we have been developing a series of murals in Valencia, more specifically in an area called ´La Huerta de Alboraya´, renown for growing the best vegetables. We literally knocked on people´s doors asking if we could paint on their walls. After a long time without getting any results, we came across a drawing teacher named Felicia Puerta, who agreed to letting us have her wall if she liked the proposal. A few months later, we were executing our first ever drawing mural.

The surreal image replaces a plow with a comb to let us see the affection with which the local labradors treat the land.The title comes from a ready made phrase: “Ya te enterarás lo que vale un peine”. Which literally means: “You will soon find out the value of a comb”. The phrase is a warning to people who enter into situations without knowing the extent of the work required to get something done.

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