Otra Curvatura en la ruta 9 – Ecological Intervention in Oncativo – October 2015.

muro curvo10

This curved wall was specifically build for us to carry out a sort of “mother earth monument’. It stands on the edge of a very long route that crosses Argentina from North to South. As it crosses the town of Oncativo right through the middle, it looks as if a mini-planet earth is rising on the pavement.

There are two sides of it. The one with the remote control seems to be saying ‘There is only one planet, it’s not as if we can change the channel if we get bored’. The other side, build on an urban dead space behind the train tracks that divide the town’s wealthy and less well off, features an embracing hand and plenty of new plants now happily making it their home there.

Common to both sides is the inverse South American Continent. If out in Space, there is no ups or downs, who said South America had to be at the bottom of planet earth?

The intervention was a gift from urban hygiene equipment company Scorza to the town where the factory is located

The mural’s base coat was painted with the help of local children with special needs. Watch the video here.

To open the mural children from the town school came to sing about change and imagination.

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