Pionera – breaking through!

Our first project in 2018 occurred in Tigre, a locality in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. We were given the job of painting a very large collection of uneven walls covering over 800 square meters

Distrito Tigre Sur is a Private / Public enterprise aiming at transforming an area that became derelict when the local industry collapsed, into an integrated open neighborhood that works for everyone.

Our starting point was not to have a idea ahead of starting. We went from nothing, to a complete artwork in three weeks

We sent out a call for emerging artists, starting out their careers as muralists, to join the artists residency and to form the core group where we exchanged ideas, developed sketches and hung out during resting hours. They were: Damian Bayle, Virginia Bello Smith and Aura Cortez.

We started with a creative workshop attended by around 50 people, to develop a theme for the mural. We started by thinking about the most inapropriate things we could put on the wall, and then worked backwards. We were assisted by a group of volunteers who came daily, a large percentage of which came from ‘El Garrote’ – the local shanty town.

With ‘Pionera’ we managed to unify a complex structure, give it a sense of movement, while using a very local and accesible image, where the complexities arise from the playful meaning of the cargo and the way it breaks through


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