Suffragette Mural in Ladywell

‘A Thousand Feet will Follow’

The original brief was an homage to Emily Davison, though there had been some feedback from Lewisham Central Assembly and local historians pointing out towards Rosa May Billinghurst, a suffragette born in Lewisham and famous for her mischievous use of her wheel chair during protests and window smashing. We thought her story would be better material for a local mural, so ended up redirecting it. We also used the fact that the anniversary march had already happened to feature it in our mural. The interest to us, was not to create an image frozen in time, but one that had a contemporary feel to it. Since all moments in history happened in the present tense, we wanted to depict the issues that arose from the Votes for Women Campaign a century ago to resonate today in the ongoing fight for equality. NOW IS THE TIME!

It was encouraging to see how the mural inspired conversations between mothers and daughters about the issue.

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