Henry finished

Henry did the VIII?

A new piece of public art featuring Henry VIII’s belly and cod piece – a reframed version of Holbein’s painting of the ultimate Macho King.            

el cheap ou feature

El Cheap’ OU – Love you can afford

We have returned to this artwork in true mongering spirit – payed through bartering and painted with recycled household paint.  Its an image that is meant to arrive as a doubt. Its both of the things you are thinking off at the same time and in the same thing. In Deptford, Gangsters are also pillars …

deptford pearls

Deptford Pearls

The His ‘n’ Hers landmark mural in Giffin Square, Deptford has been restored 10 years after it was originally painted. This time, it includes printed pearls to balance out the tie and uses oil based paint to reflect the light as you walk by. It has been funded by Mayor of London Fund and Lewisham Council. …

bin performance at Marbles

Contemporary Tea Dance Event

To transform a corner of Deptford dominated by anti-social behaviour, apart from painting Deptford Marbles Mural, we challenged Trinity Laban Choreography Students to come up with site specific works for an event we put together with tea and cakes. Click here to go to Laban’s Website.