The Argentine Embassy – Event

We were thrilled with the way the evening went at the Argentine Ambassador’s residence on Wednesdaynight. Thank you so much for taking the time to come along and be a part of our story.
As we said on the night, collaboration is an important aspect of what we have done so far and what we aim to continue to do in Azraq and beyond. In this instance, the collaboration between the Argentine Ambassador and his wife for hosting such a lovely event, the Ambassador of Jordan for giving us the regional context and Gonzalo Vargas Llosa for the perspective from UNHCR were all vital. As were the collaboration of you and all the audience members – whether you asked a question, gave us words of encouragement or simply listened with an open mind and heart. For those two hours it felt like we were all together in our intention to increase joy and connection for the Syrian refugees.

As we explained, what we need in order to develop this project is partners, funding and awareness. We have already had several interesting conversations on all three aspects following directly from this event and we look forward to further developments. Some of you asked for a way to make a financial contribution to our work. If that is something that interests you then this is the link to our JustGiving page.

If you would like to spread the word by sharing this film, feel free!

With best wishes from Artmongers (Patricio, Catherine and Matt)

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