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We ventured to Gambia for a week to paint an artwork in a Nursery School in a rural area just outside Banjul. We ended up not only painting the whole school, but also finding a concept and a new name for it – the Sky School.

The idea emerged after we took down some old posters from the classrooms and painted over with a base colour. Had we not come up with an idea, those posters would have gone straight back up again, so we started to think about how to frame the content the children need to learn, soon after coming up with the idea of using clouds. Without thinking about it we reconnected data and clouds and made the children walk on walls.

Towards the middle of the week we came up with a new name – Sky School – and towards the end of it, the idea to frame the content of the second, more senior class with planets. One class would be called pilots and the other astronauts.

Catherine also ran a Hope Circle– a guided conversation with women which is mean to give them space to listen to each other and open up their hearts. She also trained someone to carry on doing them in the future.

Working at the school was made fun by having so many children being really friendly and helping out whenever possible.

Read our report on this project here Artmongering in Gambia 2018

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