Why Do You Cross The Bridge Today?

Edging towards the end of 2018, we visited Huacalera in the most northern province of Argentina, Jujuy (bordering Bolivia). We came to convince local authorities to support our project, transforming the 33-year-old bridge into a participatory artwork.

As per usual, instead of agonizing over details, after less than one day in the town we decided to paint what we could, and finance it ourselves. We ran a workshop with young people at the secondary school, and we mixed a few ideas from them. One, a river of colour running over the bridge, and the other: how could we disrupt the monotonous action of crossing the bridge backwards and forwards.

We called up a local radio station to speak about the project, and asked supporters to just turn up. Seriously challenged by the intense sun and wind, in four days we completed it just in time for the local ‘Fiestas Patronales.’

Thank you to Radio Lider, Comisionado Santiago Maidana, Palmira and all the others who showed guts to get this done.

Read more (in Spanish) in this article by El Tribuno de Jujuy

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