Azraq Camp Diary

Our plan to get back to Azraq Camp in Jordan within six months worked out. Crowdfunding was tough but we got to our target on the last week ahead of going. This time we took with us, Gerald Shimidzu and John Rattagan as our film crew.

Arriving back at the camp was emotional in different ways, some felt excitement while others shed a tear. Usually it takes a few days to get things going, so we decided to start with a Chocolate Fountaineering event. It went down pretty well.

All films by Gerald Shimidzu

The next day we began settling in. Catherine did a knitting workshop with the boys and girls, as well as giving the Pop-Up conversation trolly an outing. Patricio went off to visit Hope Square (2014) and meet volunteers from previous years to set up for work for the next day.

On the third day, the Trolley went out again in search of isolated women in the camp, while plenty of pink paint is being mixed to replace a dusty colorless area in the CARE Compound, and in the afternoon the trolley was used in the cleared out computer lab to create a Women Only Dance Party in the camp, the first time for years that many of them have had a chance to dance together.

The trolley is replaced with a new method to reach isolated women, a structured conversation circle , which will eventually become part of CARE’s Outreach programme.

Meanwhile, we began trying to convince to two visual artists in the camp to join us in the new mural effort – The Water Cart.

The mural is done in two days, the next day when CARE bosses come to the camp, one says: “That’s really cool! We should have that our CARE… and the other one says: “This is CARE and we already have it!!!

We are happy with the way the visit went, and have been asked by CARE Jordan to submit a mini proposal, so that they can include us in their own funding applications. This would be  fantastic, and might allow us to return twice a year without the agony on crowdfunding our way there.

Thanks to our supporters, all individuals who contributed to our fundraising campaign as well as:

The Thistle Trust

Michael Arthur Charitable Trust

The Argentine Embassy in London

Buen Ayre Grill in Hackney

Mark Stevenson – author.

Uncle Tony


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