A Work of Love in Barcelona

Over two and a half years ago, we went past this amazing wall in the medieval part of Barcelona (about 40 meters from Santa Maria del Mar) and fell completely in love with it. It has the most incredible potential, and had been begging for attention until we found it.

To cut a long story short, we designed two ideas for it and were rejected on both occasions. Then we moved into a Participatory Process so as to make sure we increased our chances with the urban planners. We engaged with 11 year old Catalans from the closest primary school called Escuela Angel Baixeras in June 2017. The results were amazing and the authorities are now interested, looking into a detailed proposal for an idea called ‘The NON Comercial Centre’.

The city of Barcelona has been having lots of trouble with the tourist industry and the tensions between locals and unruly visitors has been on the rise.

This artwork derives from this – a surreal place where you might be able to buy the unsellable: such as tickles, happiness, dignity or devotion.

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