The Nest repainted!


What happens when you commit to a project over the years? You come back and restore the paintwork, do a few little things, just to keep the place evolving!

This is what we did at El NIDO a centre for the development of Prematurely born children in San Isidro. Here, the children and their families can access free treatment and receive various types of therapies and support. We originally renamed the place from a technical one to El Nido, so as to soften the perception of what the institution was there to do.

We started on the inside in 2012 and the first mural on the outside was from 2014. It was meant to camouflage the building by painting the tree’s shadows as they shift through the day. This time around we added a new nest of the enclosed open plaza which feels like it it embracing us with a loving curve.


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