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(By the Way)

We’ve just completed a new mural in New Cross, titled (By the Way), situated between New Cross Road and Lewisham Way. This junction has a high level of road rage incidents; it can be dangerous and noisy at peak hours and it is also highly polluted. Like in any busy road, people lose their tempers …

Brockley key 2.0

Brockley Key 2.0

“There is a robot inside the house!” said a kid to his Dad when he first worked out what was the giant key doing there. In 2006 we made one of the first street artworks in Brockley, along with Known’s mural which was now disappeared. The interesting thing about having to restore an artwork which …

Zig Zag Square

Artmongering with Refugees

After overcoming some adverse factors that were preventing our return to the camp, we finally set foot in Jordan again on the 10th of February 2017. The camp had changed a lot and the children and adolescents we worked with last time have grown and changed too. Their kindness and warmth is still extremely disarming. …

Abbey Road 2.0

Deptford Arena

We got money from Lewisham Council to restore ‘The Deptford Marbles,’ but instead we created a new piece, ‘Deptford Arena,’ which was part of the Deptford X Festival. Located in a corner famous for drunken and unruly behaviour, the amphitheatre frames the wild often beastly behaviours that are now tradition. The foreground looks back at …

level playing field

The Argentine Embassy – Event

We were thrilled with the way the evening went at the Argentine Ambassador’s residence on Wednesdaynight. Thank you so much for taking the time to come along and be a part of our story. As we said on the night, collaboration is an important aspect of what we have done so far and what we …

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Are You With Us? – Our Syrian Refugee Camp Project

Due to security reasons, our return to the refugee camp in Jordan has had to be postponed until the new year. We’re still committed, and are fundraising to carry out the work planned to improve the lives of Syrian refugees through art, engagement and joy. Here’s the link to get involved and support the project. …

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Hang Out

We did a new piece for The Brockley Street Art Festival, part of Brockley Max 2016. Thanks to Lionel Stanhope and the rest of the team for it’s support.

Music Room Mural

Trompe l’oeil Mural Finished – May 2016

Artmongers was comissioned by Music Room London to create a piece of work for the flank wall of the old New Cross Library building. The question is not so much what it is, but what is it doing. And what is it doing? It is addressing the architechture and creating an alternative illusionary space, that …

bag & string

Bag & String – Musicalised!

In 2012, Artmongers was commissioned to make a series of site specific artworks specially created to address children in the Autistic Spectrum who come to be diagnosed at the Newcomen Centre of Neuroscience, St Thomas Hospital, in London. ‘Bag and String’ was one of the films we created for it, in collaboration with film maker …